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Cory Glaeser
Guitar, Bass guitar - South
Available Mon, Tues, Wed afternoons!

Cory Glaeser was born in Sheboygan,Wisconsin. Upon graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a BFA in Music Performance, he moved to Austin, TX and began teaching at the Austin School of Music in 1999. After playing in bands such as the Texas Tycoons and Fastball, he joined Skyrocket. Cory can also be heard with his original band, Sheboygan which he's been playing with for over 10 years. His interests include football, baseball and dogs. 


In addition to the standard electric guitar, Cory also teaches advanced and beginning bass guitar lessons.


From Cory- "As a teacher, my number one goal is for the student to have fun and feel a sense of accomplishment. I like to tailor each lesson to the individual's goals and interests, while instilling the necessary skills to grow as a musician.”

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