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What our students are saying...
“I've got nothing but good to say about Austin School of Music!  I've personally played with Dave Sebree and he is an excellent guitarist who knows his stuff!  The rest of the staff are great teachers / professionals who are wonderful with kids. 
I sent my son there for Rock Camp and was really pleased with the results.  He had freedom to have fun but in a disciplined way, overseen by the teachers so he that grooved well and played his parts correctly in the final performance!  The facilities are top notch, including one of the best studios in Austin.”

-  Terry Bozzio  (Frank Zappa / Missing Persons / Jeff Beck / Drum Legend)

“When I wanted to learn to play guitar, it was a no brainer.  I called my longtime friend, Cid Sanchez, at the Austin School of Music.  If he can teach me the guitar, he can teach you!  The Austin School of Music rocks!”
-  Chris Layton  (Stevie Ray Vaughan / Double Trouble / Arc Angels)

“I had a lot of fun!  The kids and instructors were nice.  Playing at Antone’s was fun and a good experience.”
-  YaYo Sanchez  (Rock Camper / Student / Rock Camp Instructor)

“This was a great learning experience for YaYo.  He liked doing Rock Camp better than going on vacation.  He’s looking forward to doing it again!”
-  Helen Sanchez  (Rock Camper / Student Parent)

"I went to my first Rock Camp at Austin School of Music when I was in 7th grade.  After attending that first camp, I was hooked and went every year since at least once, if not twice.  I have also taken lessons from three of the teachers.
This school is phenomenal with great teachers and staff that build personal relationships with every student and the experiences, knowledge, and friendships I have gained are irreplaceable.  I attended my last Rock Camp last year, as it was my last year of eligibility.  I have already been in multiple bands playing all around Austin and Dallas and I am pursuing a career in music at the University of Texas at San Antonio and soon at Belmont University."

- John Kujawa  (Rock Camper / Student)

“When it comes to teachers, The Austin School of Music seems to have its pick of the best young musicians in the city.  My son studied with three different guitar teachers there, all of whom were outstanding.  But I think the best thing about the school is their summer Rock Camp.  Again, the instruction the kids receive is excellent, but more importantly, they get the invaluable opportunity to play music with other kids of comparable ability, and to perform in a real concert together.  It's wonderful to see those kids having such a great time with music on their summer vacations.  And that same fun, camp-like atmosphere tends to fill the halls of the Austin School of Music all year long.  In other words, ‘this is not your father's music lessons.’"
-  Russell Pinkston  (Rock Camper / Student Parent)

“Rock Camp at Austin School of Music gave me many opportunities to collaborate with musicians of my age group.  The teachers are dedicated and encouraging, they truly seem to enjoy watching you perform.  I have stayed with three members of my original band from Rock Camp and we play frequent gigs.  Austin School of Music does the technical part of forming the actual bands and the kids do the rest.  My two years at camp have brought me closer to the future members of the Austin music community, which is so important to the city.”
-Ava Kovach  (Rock Camper / Student)

“Just a note to let you know what your Rock Camp program has meant to both of my teens.  Dean is an old pro, now a Junior in high school, attending since he was 10.  Rock Camp was his choice of all the summer camps he could attend.  In the middle of the first week, he came home saying, "Mom, I don't know what I am going to do without Rock Camp for the rest of the summer”.  The fabulous teaching talent at ASM has developed quite a musician in him, from drums to bass, to guitar and vocals, he has had chances to really spread his wings, and exercise his diverse interests.  He has even been approached by producers and local Austin professional musicians at your Antone's show.
My daughter Lauren is a vocalist more inclined to western music, but the year she attended Rock Camp gave her an appreciation and interest in rock as well.  Working with a group to create a band, and the camaraderie developed singing on KLBJ with all of the other vocalists, were both wonderful learning experiences for her.  
All of this and, a great program for parents at Antone's, at the end... what more could you ask for? Oh yes, a great video and CD to commemorate the event... and you thought of that, too.  Keep on doing what you do!"

-  Pamela Barry  (Rock Camper / Student Parent)

"After attending the Austin School of Music's Rock Camp for the past 5 summers, I feel that it has enhanced my ability to play in a group setting as well as matured me on a musical level.  It has given me a love and respect for music and musicians that I will carry with me throughout my life."
-  Michael Correa  (Rock Camper / Student)

"Your son or daughter will absolutely LOVE Rock Camp!  And as a parent, you'll be amazed how much your child improves musically in just two weeks.  The staff of the Austin School of Music does an excellent job of pairing students with other young musicians of comparable skill.  Each band then has a full-time counselor who works with the students every day to learn songs, record, and perform on stage like professionals.  It's not easy work.  Your child will practice 4 to 5 hours every day, leave Rock Camp tired and hungry, and eager to return the next day to play more music with new friends and band mates."
-  Andy Welch  (Director of Communication Services - Austin School District, Rock Camper / Student Parent)

“For many summers, the Austin School of Music’s Rock Camp has motivated and inspired our son to play his instruments.  Working for two weeks together at camp with other student musicians and the professionals at ASM is wonderful, but it's the final recital at Antone’s that is the highlight of his year.  Rock Camp is a great experience.  Thank you!”
-Lauren and Philip Siegel  (Rock Camper / Student Parents)

“The friendships, skills and fun that I've gained from Austin School of Music's Rock Camp was an ongoing unique experience that lasted 4 ½  years.  I'll always be grateful for that time in my life.  Rock on ASM!"
- Michael Randell (Rock Camper / Student)
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