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Joe Listrom
Piano - South (In person)

Joe Listrom is an actively gigging pianist, keyboardist, producer and Austin native with a

diverse background of music that is truly becoming of the “keep Austin weird” slogan. His

musical roots began at the young age of 4 and span the gamut of classical, jazz, pop, rock,

hip-hop, and soul genres. Joe is a graduate of the University of North Texas in Jazz

Performance, and has been taught directly from masters such as Chick Corea and George

Cables. Currently Joe plays in corporate cover bands based in Dallas, jazz quartet and western

swing groups alongside fellow teacher Devin North, and has many credits to his name on

artists’ records including his own monikers of electronic and house music, CYAN and J.P.

Listrom. A true artist at heart with understanding of both orthodox and unorthodox training

methods, Joe strives to bring rich and fulfilling musical education to his students. Whether a

student is just starting out with the basics of technique and theory, or is looking to learn the ins

and outs of 1970s afro funk, Joe creates a lesson plan catered directly to their needs.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

-Victor Hugo

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