Darin Murphy

Instruments -- Drums, Guitar

Locations -- Austin School of Music South


Darin Murphy has spent nearly a decade at the Austin School of Music, applying years of experience in live and studio performance -- from dive bars in Houston to the Broadway stage in New York. He has released several albums on his own and with his sister Trish Murphy, and has appeared with Austin heavyweights like Bob Schneider, Bodeans, Soulhat, Suzanna Choffel and Patricia Vonne. He is currently the drummer and musical director for Austin cover band Skyrocket.


Darin is a self-taught, natural ear multi-instrumentalist whose teaching style is tailored to fit each individual student. "Everyone who comes through my door has a different way of understanding music. Some respond better to hearing it; others need to see it on paper. So I work according to their needs. Ultimately it's about the joy of self-discovery, and I get much gratification lighting up faces of all ages!"