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Tim Smith
Drums - South (In person)

Professional Career & Biography:

Tim Smith is a professional drummer and percussionist with a deep passion for music with specific emphasis on time, pocket, and “groove.” Since formally picking up drumsticks at the age of 13, Tim has enjoyed the opportunity to perform and record a variety of genres on a professional level from funk/soul/r&b to country, western swing, pop, rock, and heavy metal. He has enjoyed the opportunity to record with Grammy-winning producers and engineers including Steve Christiansen and Randy Miller. Tim has also had the opportunity to perform with notable artists including: Arielle, Tomar & The FC’s, Angela Petrilli, The Capitol, Big Wy’s Brass Band, The Nightowls, and Jake Ward (5 Texas radio #1’s for Country). Tim also has been the regular drummer for the worship team at Real Life Church since 2020. Currently he averages about 130 shows a year.

Teaching Philosophy and Style:

Tim’s overall teaching philosophy is that anybody can learn how to play this instrument, and that drum set coordination is something that everybody has the capability to build upon. (1st person explanation below.) Tim’s lessons focus around de-mystifying the world of rhythm, and common drum set questions such as “What is Groove?” and aim to empower students to have a framework to take ownership of their own learning experience.

As a graduate from The University of Texas with a bachelor’s in Psychology and both a certificate and minor in Business Administration, Tim Smith’s lessons can interweave in psychological methods to practicing, mindfulness, and for those that are in bands – artist management.

“But what if I’m not coordinated enough” – Instructor’s thoughts:

I want you to think about it this way: Outside of playing the drums, can give me any reason why humans have ever needed the ability to play multiple rhythms across all 4 limbs? No—right? There has never been any evolutionary reason for humans to possess that level of coordination. The most we have ever needed to ask of our bodies is to be able to climb, run, jump etc... So, if you think you don’t have the coordination to play drums, that’s normal! it’s likely because you’ve never had to ask yourself to have that kind of mind/body connection in the first place! But the good news is that We Can Learn! Just like how we all have to learn how to walk or ride a bike, we can work on and build out the coordination that it takes to play the drums.

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