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Derek Halfmann
Guitar, Bass, Drums - North (In person), Online

Derek Halfmann is a professional musician in the Austin area with over 25 years experience in a wide variety of music styles. Specializing in rhythm and lead guitar in rock, blues, and metal, Derek has been a part of the Austin School of Music family for 15 years, teaching guitar and electric bass guitar lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. Derek has been a Rock Camp instructor for 20 years and one of ASM's Rock Camp Directors for 5 years.


Originally from San Angelo TX, Derek relocated to Austin in 2001 and quickly became a part of the Austin School of Music organization.

He has been a professional musician for 26 years, garnered press in regional and national publications, performed with various rock bands all across the U.S., and recorded numerous albums of original material with various rock and metal bands on labels such as Arclight Records.


As a guitar instructor, Derek is very approachable and has a special ability to make his students feel inspired as they leave each session feeling that they are on the teacher's level.  He also takes special interest in the diverse needs and goals of the individual and gives "down to earth" explanations that break down the barriers that every student, regardless of age or experience, encounters when they are learning an instrument.  By creating a philosophic approach towards learning to play the guitar that is both scientific and creative in nature, Derek is able to help his students manifest a clear path in their minds that directly leads to achieving their goals.


Derek is quoted as saying in regards to his teaching style:

"I believe that playing an instrument really helps the left and right sides of the human brain to learn to work together and to obtain a greater understanding of what can be accomplished . . . in everything in life.  I try to help the student embrace that concept and to realize that we're not just playing guitar but actually getting to know ourselves a little bit better at the same time."

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