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Dave North
Guitar - South Location 

In 2007, Dave started learning guitar and has not put it down. While frequently involved in lessons, Dave began attending Rock Camp, and became attached to the teachers at the Austin School of Music. Since then he has formed bands, played gigs in the heart of Austin, recorded in professional studios, and toured across the United States and other countries such as Europe and Mexico. He is currently endorsed by Ernie Ball, and Chapman Guitars. 


Dave grew up playing Rock and Roll and has continued to pursue his passion by getting involved in genres such as, Indie, Psych-rock, Blues, Funk, Alternative, Metal, Hip-hop, and Electronic.


When it comes to music, tone has always played an important part of the learning process- the ability to approach the instrument with a personal touch, feeling, and connection. Dave will help build a unique style that will help each player express themself easily and naturally.  

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