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Michael Bahan
Drums - North Location
Available Saturdays!

I have been teaching for 24 years. I have played with Ruby Dee & The Snakehandlers, The Boss Jaguars, Hog Branch Groove Band, and The Pearl Snaps and can be found on various sessions as a percussionist, including the latest albums by Styx and Todd Sucherman’s solo debut release.  I owned and operated Cascade Studios Austin, which was a rehearsal/teaching/recording studio for ten years.


In addition to playing, I absolutely love teaching. I am of the opinion that everybody learns differently.  What may work for one student, may not for another.  My lessons are one-on-one and are tailored to each student.


My goal is to help my students learn, and have fun while doing it, so that they build the skills needed to enjoy music for a lifetime.  I love seeing the light click on when a student, no matter what age or skill level, realizes they can do it.

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