Zack Varner

Instruments -- Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe

Locations -- Austin School of Music South


Dr. Zack Varner’s musical background covers a broad stylistic spectrum.  From classical repertoire and musical theater to jazz, funk, rock, folk and Latin styles, Dr. Varner remains in constant demand both on the stage and in the studio.  He has performed with artists such as Joshua Redman, Maria Schneider, Jerry Bergonzi, Lizz Wright, Jungol, and Laura Otero, and presently can be found performing several nights a week at venues all over Austin. He has recorded numerous studio albums, several of which have received critical acclaim.

Education is an important aspect of Zack’s musical life.  In 2005, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Columbus State University, and his Master’s degree in jazz performance from the University of Illinois in 2012.  In the fall of 2012, Varner moved to Austin, TX to obtain his Doctorate of Musical Arts at the University of Texas.

As an instructor, he believes in creating an honest, safe environment in which student opinions are welcome and experimentation is encouraged. He promotes an interactive, flexible approach towards lessons, employing a variety of methods that will benefit the needs of each student individually.  Whether the student is tackling a classical etude, studying jazz improvisation, or learning a rock and roll saxophone solo by ear, enjoyment of music is always the highest priority.

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