Tina Turner

Instruments -- Piano, Guitar, Violin, Voice, Ukulele, Mandolin

Location -- Austin School of Music South


Tina Turner began her musical career over 40 years ago as a classically trained violinist, and aspired to be part of a major symphony orchestra. However, she began to realize that her heart was drawn to other types of music, and began branching out into Rock and Country. She teaches beginning and intermediate piano lessons, as well as voice, mandolin, ukulele and violin lessons in South Austin. Tina has a wide range of experience from playing with many classical orchestras and musical theatre orchestras, as well as touring the country with several commercially marketed bands.


She has traveled all over the U.S. and Switzerland, and has performed on the stage with many Nashville and Texas acts including Ray Price, Johnny Bush, Nataly Maines, Mark McKinney, Zach Edwards, Jeremy Steding, George Ducas, Johnny Bush, Noel Haggard, Jim Scarborough, Pete Benz, Byrd and Street, and Van Wilks. Tina has recorded with several Lubbock, Austin and Nashville artists including the Texas Belaires, Andy Wilkinson, Telling Stories, Stephanie Bentley, Patti Griffin, Anthony High and Kim Townsend.


Tina has a very encouraging, patient, positive and laid-back style of teaching multiple instruments, as well as private voice lessons. She will help her students learn and feel good about the musical goals they are pursuing. Tina also helps her students discover a deep happiness, passion and excitement for music and their instrument of choice!. She feels that it is a privilege and honor to share the gift of music, and she looks forward to connecting with her students at the Austin School of Music.


Turner: "I'm always trying to learn and constantly grow to become a better musician and to inspire people who come into my path."

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