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Tim Girardot
Piano - North and South (in person), Online

Tim Girardot teaches Classical, Jazz, and Blues Piano, Composition and beginning Music Theory. He has been teaching all levels of piano lessons for 19 years at the Austin School of Music. He received a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Composition from The University of Texas at Austin in 2000, and is an active member of the Austin District Music Teachers'

Association. He is the Austin Chairman of the American College of Musicians (Piano Guild), and continues to perform in the Austin area as time and opportunity permits. He has been playing the piano for 44 years, and has 27 years of professional performance and recording experience. Tim draws from this experience to create a unique learning experience for each of his students. He believes that the world can be made a better place through musical creation of beauty, and is very happy to share this gift with whomever wishes to learn.

Tim believes that anyone can learn the piano and enjoy themselves. Whatever your goals in learning piano might be, he can get you on your way there. He has taught students as young as 6, and beginning students at age 78—who are still playing piano into their 80’s. Some of Tim’s piano students have gone on to pursue undergraduate and graduate music degrees at the University of North Texas in Denton, University of Chicago, UT’s Butler School of Music, and the Felix Mendelssohn Conservatory of Music in Leipzig, Germany. Others have gone on to become

professional performers and music teachers from Dallas to Berlin. Some folks just wish to learn some specific music for a specific event or goal, and that’s all! For all of his students, Tim has given guidance through individualized lessons, so as to build a strong musical foundation and greater appreciation of music.

Performance experience

While in high school Tim was able to perform in Southeast Asia with his high school performance and jazz bands, and as an adult, has performed his original music across 10 U.S. States and 2 Canadian Provinces. His music has reached listeners all the way from Europe to Australia. He most recently performed in the Austin area with jazz singer Jolie Goodnight and her Stardust Band, and has a Soundcloud page featuring his original music, predictably named “The Music of Tim Girardot”. These experiences have given him the ability to teach students stage presence and confidence in playing their instruments. Tim runs the annual Jazz, Pop and Rock Festival for the Austin District Music Teachers Association, and has his students participate in similar events throughout the school year. Performances with ADMTA and Guild provide young students with opportunities to perform, receive constructive criticism from other

professional teachers/musicians, and offers them short term, achievable goals. This, in turn, builds confidence in the child’s performance capabilities and gives them something they can

show to their family and friends.

Education and professional memberships

1997- 2000 Received Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz

Composition from The University of Texas at Austin


Member; Music Teachers National Association

Member; Austin District Music Teachers Association


Member; American College of Musicians


Chairman, American College of Musicians, Austin chapter

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