3 Reasons For You To Take Music Lessons This Summer

There are many activities for children and teens that have breaks or off seasons during the summer. However, when studying a musical instrument continued regular lessons are essential for long-term success. Summer lessons can play a huge role in the musical growth of your student and we’ve listed three key benefits.

Something New!

Summer is the perfect season to travel and explore, and learning music is an amazing journey. Students can take advantage of their increased free time and broaden their horizons by learning music of their choice or even learning a new instrument.

Increased Musical Skill

Musical instrument study is a skill-based activity, and these skills often require repetition to become an integrated part of playing. Imagine what might happen if you just learned a difficult musical piece and then didn’t play it for a few months; it would probably be a struggle to even remember what notes to play. Summer music lessons can save students the frustration of relearning skills that were previously mastered.


With school being out and students having more free time, maintaining motivation can be challenging for a child and boredom can set in. Summer can be the perfect time to recharge and inspire your child about music. Summer music camps can help make friends and broaden their musical horizons (check out our Rock Camp USA summer camp page) as well as encourage self-discipline with practicing.

Interested in taking music lessons in the Austin area? Visit our music lessons page for more info or contact Austin School of Music South (512)-476-7666 or North (512) 331-7666

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