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Silvie Rider- Young
Voice, Piano - South

A native of Switzerland, she moved the USA in 2007 after meeting her soon to be husband Red Young in Munich, where she had been living and teaching music, performing with her Silvie Rider Art Duo, The Starfighters (a jazz-rock band in which Silvie wrote the lyrics and song melodies), and BabyTalk (which was signed by BMG Ariola). 


Education: University Bern, Swiss Jazz School, College Teacher Seminar in Thun, Switzerland. American Field Service - Exchange Student in Annapolis, MD. She has performed internationally at festivals, at cultural events, and jazz clubs in Europe, Switzerland and the USA. 


She is currently performing with her own Silver Rider-Young Trio/Quartet. Conversing and singing in multiple languages, Silvie’s recorded albums in the USA (Je Te Connais and Reviens) are being played worldwide. Her new album “You Must Believe In Spring” was recorded with greats of the music world. Silvie Rider-Young with 3 maestros: Red Young (piano, organ, B3), Roscoe Beck (bass, former Leonard Cohen) and Tom Brechtlein (drums, former Chick Corea), is out now.

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