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Patrick Prendergast
Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, Beginner Piano, Music Theory, Songwriting - North

Patrick Prendergast is a guitarist, singer, lyricist, and songwriter native to Austin, Texas with a deep passion and love for music and performance. His musical taste varies widely from early 50’s-60’s bluegrass folk, country americana, classic rock, blues, psych rock, to modern day pop, singer-songwriter, indie rock and more. His formal training started at just 7 years old with classical piano and vocal lessons until his mid teens where he found his true love for the guitar. For the last 10 years, Patrick has been writing, performing, and recording his original pieces all over the country as he’s continued to develop and grow as a writer and musician. 


A true poet at heart, Patrick deeply understands the value of being able to write, play, and sing a piece of your own creation. He hopes to give his students the full set of tools to learn not only how to play the songs they love, but to learn why they love them, and to use those tools to make something they can be proud of.  


With use of both orthodox and specialized teaching methods, Patrick is dedicated to meeting his students where they are to help them achieve their playing and writing goals. Whether it’s your first time picking up the guitar, or you are a confident player looking to solidify your singing, lyrical ability, or writing style, Patrick creates rich lesson plans uniquely tailored to each student’s goals. 


“You don’t write a song to sit there on the page. You write it to sing it.”- Bob Dylan 

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