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Marc Coronado
Drums, Vocals - North (in person), Online

Marc Coronado is a national and international artist. Performing all over the world, Marc has been drumming since the age of 13. 20 years now under his belt, he hit a professional skill by the age of 18. Signed to labels, endorsed by TRX cymbals, touring artist, he is a real rockstar!

Marc specializes in metal, rock, classical metal/rock, pop, punk, groove, marching percussion, and concert percussion. He can play marching snare with traditional and match grip. Spent 4 years in drum line through Highschool and participated in winter drum line where his group won 1st place in the WGI (Winter Guard International) back in 2002.

Marc is an easy going motivated musician who can teach beginners, advanced, intermediate, and expert levels. His musical taste is very diverse as he finds joy in many styles of music.

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