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Janel Monique
Voice - South (in person), Online

Janel will be offering customized warm up routine by reviewing different types of vocal warm ups with every lesson to see which one is more effective per student. Learn the basics and foundation of singing starting with explaining the soft palate, building a head voice, strengthening the control over the diaphragm and utilize the piano and/or guitar to demonstrate and differentiate different notes when learning how to sing a note in tune. Teaching the importance of enunciation, phrasing, breathing and timing when it comes to performing in the studio and live. I also can teach students any type of harsh vocals whether it be fry scream, false chord, and the hybrid sing scream.


Janel’s Musical Background


Janel Monique, an Austin School of Music alumni herself, started her musical career by joining orchestra at the age of 11 by choosing violin. This is where she learned how to read treble cleft, sight read, play on time while competing in full orchestra UIL’s, solo ensembles and 2 out of state UIL’s which were held in New York City and San Fransisco, scoring top scores for each competition. While in high school she was privately tutored by Dr. Robert Radmer where she was taught the discipline and techniques that make for a professional musician. Not only did her violin playing improve by his teachings but her musicianship was also established and enhanced as well. Janel was also able to teach herself guitar from her knowledge as a violin player. Teaching herself how to read tabs, chords, and power chords. She later played guitar in bands and used the skill for her own solo project.


With this classical training in her back ground, she has also applied those skills to her love of singing. She started her journey here at the Austin School of Music by taking lessons from inspiring teachers that to this day, their teachings, live on and have not been forgotten. So much so, they have inspired her to pass on the knowledge that she obtained from all of them on to her very own students. She also participated in the summer program Rock Camp USA where she felt the most fitting for her musical taste. Rock Camp allowed Janel to get familiar with what the music world was truly like with daily band practices, what playing a show at a popular venue felt like, and how to work a stage starting from a young age. It truly prepared her for the music industry. 


After years of vocal lessons and many sessions of Rock Camp, Janel started producing her own home recorded cover videos and posted them to her YouTube Channel. This is where the all female metal band Conquer Divide, originating from Michigan and also signed to Artery Recordings, found her work and asked her for an audition. Once she got the part as the unclean/screamer of the band, she flew to Michigan to record with award winning producer Joey Sturgis (RIAA certified Gold Record for Asking Alexandria single “The Final Episode”), performed at SXSW 2015 & 2016, month long tours around the US, and had our self titled debut album reach #4 on the iTunes Metal Chart and ranked #8 on Billboard’s Top HeatSeekers Chart on the same day of the release. Conquer Divide has released a new single this year where Janel is now not only doing the harsh vocals for the band, she has also moved on to playing bass as well in a few songs on the bands upcoming sophomore album.

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