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Jamie Moellenhoff
Piano, Voice - Online Only

Jamie was born into a family of opera singers and has actively participated in church and opera choirs as well as solo performance since the age of four. She grew up in Germany for 18 years, where she attended a high school with a magnet program in music. Following her high school graduation Jamie moved back to the United States where she attended Texas Lutheran University and obtained a degree in Music specializing in Vocal Performance. Jamie has performed for many family members and friend’s weddings and other various events. Jamie started teaching voice during summer semester breaks while still in college.


Jamie’s teaching theory lies in understanding and using our vocal instrument naturally through a classical approach, aiding students to healthily and freely sing the genres they are passionate about. Her approach is not to teach you how to sound exactly like your musical idols, but how to grow and finesse your own, unique voice. Singing is another form of expressing oneself and doing so honestly and uninhibited is what draws the audience in and captures them. “We are all different and my goal is to focus on each individual’s strength, to guide the student in finding THEIR voice and building confidence.” - Jamie Moellenhoff 

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