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Glenn Rexach
Guitar, Bass - North and South 

Glenn Rexach has played guitar for 49 years and bass for 40 years, and is now teaching guitar lessons in Austin TX at the Austin School of Music. . He studied at Cameron University in Oklahoma, but is primarily self-taught in Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Rock, Latin and World-Beat styles. He has performed with jazz legend, Eddie Harris, virtuoso violin and oud performer, Simon Shaheen, and has toured the country and abroad with Strings Attached, The Vangards, the Dave Sebree Band, Just Released, and plays and/or has played with every jazz great in Austin as an in-demand freelance artist.

In addition to teaching students of all ages at the Austin School of Music, Rexach is currently performing with:

The Glenn Rexach Group, a contemporary jazz/jam group focusing on eclectic compositions by Rexach, with his current CD, Living Joe to Joe, available on iTunes and other digital outlets, or get one directly from Rexach. He is currently working on mixing and mastering his upcoming release.


The Jacqui Walker Band, a modern blues band, features Jacqui on vocals, and blistering guitar work from Rexach. The JWB is also in the mastering process of an upcoming release.


The Austin Jazz Workshop, a group that performs in every elementary school in Austin, Round Rock, and Del Valle, brings an awareness and appreciation of jazz to thousands of students for the last 12 years, currently has 3 CDs out. Rexach was a featured artist on the Texas Guitar Slingers CD, alongside artists such as Eric Johnson, Dave Grissom, Van Wilks, and others. In addition to his busy teaching and performing schedule, Rexach also plays at Bannockburn Church and Bethany Lutheran Church every Sunday.


Glenn teaching method may best be described as fluid, in that he assesses a student's capabilities and what he/she wants to learn, and then uses his extensive history and study of the guitar to shape lessons for each student. He teaches using tablature, written music, recorded tracks, etc., and always encourages each student to develop and strengthen their ability to 'hear' tunes in a more comprehensive fashion. In addition, the teaching of technical awareness is brought to the fore, always with an emphasis on making the fingers work as efficiently as possible, so that each student's innate musical ability can flourish and make music! Many students bring in songs they want to learn, and so I teach ear training so a student can begin to figure out songs for themselves.

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