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Eric Baker
Piano - South

"Eric Baker moved from the Chicago area to Austin, TX after graduating from college in May of 2017 to pursue his love of music and be a part of the creative community. His original music takes the form of the Austin based indie-rock band Wrongbird, of which he is the principal songwriter and frontman. He has also contributed his skills as a keyboardist as a member of the funk band The Capitol and Austin Music Award winning soul band Tomar and the FCs. Outside of being a “member” of specific bands, he has also been hired on gigs from other Austin bands multiple genres including country, blues, pop, rock, and worship music. Outside of original music he is the frontman of a Beatles/British Invasion cover band, The Riffs and Chips focusing on 60s rock and roll.  He has performed on radio, television, and toured professionally. As a teacher of music Eric tries to engage each student at whatever level of experience, background, or knowledge they are coming with to help them learn fundamentals, while still having fun and reaching their specific goals!"

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