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David Spann
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele - North (In person), Online
Available Mon 5-6pm, 8-9pm & Tues 2-3pm, 7-8pm

David Spann started playing music as a kid in Tulsa, OK with his older cousin Paul Chandler. He originally was a drummer and played in his cousin's high school band before he was in middle school. In his early career the guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and Freddy King spoke to him; and music and guitar became his life's passion.

 David feels that the coolest thing about string instruments is the personal touch each individual will have with the instrument. Pick attack, smooth strumming, hybrid picking, artificial harmonics, string bends, and muting. 

 His approach to teaching and playing the guitar is to get the fingers moving, learn the fingerboard, chord construction, scales, bending strings, the language of music, tempo, counting, guitar method, reading music on a staff, chord charts, tablature and building a musical vocabulary that will last a lifetime. 

David gives private instruction sessions tailored to the individual. Some students are just beginning their musical experience; some have played for decades and desire to improve their technique and learn new musical styles. Although he does not teach singing, David does sing and can help you learn to keep playing in tempo while singing.

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