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Cid Sanchez
Guitar, Bass - South Location, Online

Cid has earned a reputation as one of the most popular guitar teachers in Austin, TX. And here's why -- Cid makes learning guitar FUN! Check out his website here!!


From the kid whose imagination ignited when he was first inspired by the British Invasion, Motown and The Ventures, to the teenager who began playing professionally in 1970 with Joe Sublett, to the man who performed with top artists and producers and discovered he loves to teach, Cid's passion and joy in music has always been his driving force.


Teaching at the Austin School of Music for the past 15 years has kept Cid busy. When he can, he performs with The Rockvile Blues Band (formerly The Sanchez Brothers), with his brother Austin drummer Lenny Sanchez, Bassist Vic Gerrard and former student Adam Johnson on guitar and vocals.


In 2007 Cid had the great fortune to play with hometown friend Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon as Double Trouble at a musical event -- a highlight of his time here in Austin.


Cid attended Del Mar Junior College School of Music. His styles include Rock, Blues, Country, Pop, R&B, Soul, Surf, Folk, Rockabilly, Hard Rock, Metal -- and virtually all popular songs. He teaches lead and rhythm guitar, mandolin and electric bass guitar lessons

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