Aimee Bobruk

Instruments -- Guitar, Piano

Location -- Austin School of Music South


Aimee Bobruk began her professional music career in Austin, TX in 2003. As a singer, songwriter, lyracist top liner and miusician, she specializes in teaching beginner/intermediate level students in guitar, piano and songwriting. As a working musician she performs regularly in Austin and abroad in the USA and Europe. Most recently, her band was selected by Austin Monthly as one of the "Top 10 Bands to Watch", and her lates release - /ba.'brook/ -- was selected by Texas Music Magazine as one of six top indie albums for 2013. 

Aimee's primary goal in teaching is to encourage an overall appreciation for music while teaching the basic music fundamentals as they relate to guitar, piano and songwriting. She incorporates formal instruction manuals that outline how to understand music theory (notation, harmony, rhythm, reading music). Aimee couples beginner and advanced guitar lessons with popular songs of the day chosen by the student. Her goal is to teach basics and help instill a self-driven attitude in learning music, so the student feels he/she has a proper foundation. This is essential as students pick up a second or third instrument years later. All the same basic fundamentals apply.


Aimee records segments of each session and provides this to the student. She hosts a yearly recital at the Austin School of Music or other venue to give students an opportunity to practice performing in front of a large audience. If students bring original music ideas and compositions to class, Aimee helps assist with composing and arranging these songs. 


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